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3 Must-have Deep Treatment Conditioners for Healthy Hair

3 Must-have Deep Treatment Conditioners for Healthy Hair

If you frequently use dyes, heat styling equipment or straighteners, there is a big chance that your hair will get damaged as time goes by. In addition, being exposed to harmful UV rays is another cause of dryness and breakage.

To revitalize and moisturize your hair, you need a deep conditioning treatment. This is quite different from the process that you commonly do because you need to set the conditioner for a longer period of time. The entire process can take minutes or hours, depending on the severity of the damage.

For deep conditioning, you can’t just use a regular conditioner. You need the best products on the market to do the job. If this is your first time to perform a deep treatment, read the list below to find out the best Silicon Mix conditioners that you can grab today.

1. Hair shine

When buying hair shines, make sure that they are made from keratin extract, silicon and ceramides to give your strands a soft and silky texture. Thanks to this blend of ingredients, your hair will be nourished inside and out, and from root to tip. This is an ideal formulation, which prevents damage from salt, chlorine and UV rays.

2. Deep Clean Conditioner with Bamboo Extracts

With the infusion of bamboo extracts, this Silicon Mix grooming essential nourishes the hair and regenerates any dead ones. After applying it, your gorgeous locks will surely have a shinier and healthier glow. It also prevents hair from easily splitting and breaking. Aside from bamboo, most formulations also contain Vitamins A, E and B5 to guarantee long-lasting nourishment.

3. Green Tea Leave In Conditioner

Aside from being a great drink, green tea is also an effective ingredient for repairing damaged hair.

This special grooming essential promises to restore the shine and softness of any damaged strands. Aside from a bevy of effective ingredients, it also comes with a sweet fragrance, which lingers for a long period of time. The conditioner is soft, so it is easy to apply on the stands. You can also easily remove it and you won’t experience silicon build-up after a long deep cleaning session.

To apply this conditioner, wash your hair first and dry it with a towel then massage the formulation in your hair. Let it sit for 3 minutes before rinsing.

Final Thoughts

Grabbing these Silicon Mix deep clean conditioners is just one step towards keeping your hair healthy. To make sure that their beautiful glow stays longer, seek other ways to take care of your strands. It is available to buy on Amazon in the US and Dominican Haircare in the UK.

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